A rough milky way

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A rough milky way

Post by sucramreverse on Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:22 am

A rough but accurate picture of the Milky Way, using my National Geographic poster as reference. Only our own Sol is marked, but I can add more later when there is more of an idea of what is taking place. Feel free to tear it apart or add more, here is the .psd for anyone interested:

psd(right click, save as)

Forgive the abundance of layers, I couldn't seem to find "merge visible" in GIMP.
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Re: A rough milky way

Post by S W Dickson on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:33 pm

S'strange - having just revisited and with intention to go back to this - it's a grand time to be attempting this. Just over the past couple of weeks, various agencies have confirmed rocky planets around a high percentage of stars in our own milky way. (previously thought to be mostly gas giants) - as well as adequate theories as to the massive black hole at galactic centre and various other fun stuff, it's all looking quite space era just now. That and of course people are still being absolute gits to each other still, and we have the makings of internecine galactic warfare with decent maps!

Think I'll go to town over the next few weeks and do some sexy space opera for a while...


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