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Welcome to the Forum.

Post by S W Dickson on Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:27 pm

Code of Conduct:

Please do not flame, aggravate or generally be upsetting to others on the board. It's not nice. For that reason we frown on swearing - it can always be misconstrued. It isn't banned, but it may be in the future if it's not used sparingly.

Please use your own hosting for imagery. We have not the space on the server. There are many freebies to use. We're using Servimg.

Please do not post links/embed dodgy Pr0n stuff. We know that in the realms of the fantastical there is a traditionally high nipple count, but let's keep it PG just now.

If in doubt about copyright, get yourself a Creative Commons license for your own work and stick it in your signature/on image. Keeps it good. With development of written word and imagery, the open source license ain't that good. So protecting yourself is good. We don't want someone nicking your ideas then copyrighting them themselves, and making huge amounts of money out of them - it's against the goals of the project.

If you are employed in an industry that requires you to produce similar work for them, it's probably best to review your contract and see if you can in fact collaborate on this project - it'd be annoying to get rid of "IP-tainted" work once it's done.

It's all common sense.
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