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Combat system

Post by poet on Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:34 pm

Like my other thread about army creation, here is another about combat systems.

I feel, that whenever you commit your troops to an attack, something should happen. Even if you completely botched the roll, your arrows missed the mark by a mile, whatever you shot at, knows those arrows were aimed at him, and that alone should have some effect.

I also think this reduces the reliance on chance.

My combat system, is based on 2D6, and works as follows:
I use my attack statistic, ranged or melee, whatever is appropriate and compare it to my target's defense value. A regular average model should have an attack score around 7 lower than the defense score of an average target.
I roll 2d6, in different colors.
I add the dice together, if I match the defense score, or pass it, I hit. Fairly straight forward, and you may recognize it from warmachine.
The difference is, I use one of the colored dice, (decided before the roll) to determine the location hit.
The lower the dice, the more vulnerable a location is hit.
So if I need 7s to hit, I can only hit location 1 1/36 of the time, location 2 2/36 of the time, etc.
If I needed 8s to hit, I wouldn't be able to hit location 1 at all.

If an attack misses, it would deal psychological damage, equal to the marked die.

Now after I hit my target, I check how much armor it has in the location. There doesn't have to be 6 different location, there can be 2-3. For example.
Light armored trooper:
Location 1 - head - armor 0
Location 2-6 body - armor 3

My weapon has a power, for example, 10.
My opponent rolls 2d6, again with one marked die, and adds his armor in the location hit. If it meets or exceeds the power of the weapon, he saves. If it is less than the power of the weapon, he sufferes damage in that location equal to the marked die.
In the above trooper, he'd have 1 damage in his head, and 3 damage in his body. A head shot would most likely kill him outright, but a failed save on his body will only kill him part of the time.

Now, if the attack hits, and the armor is saved, the attack still does psychological damage, equal to the marked die.

This may be a little more complicated than what you're looking for, but you may like it Smile


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Re: Combat system

Post by sucramreverse on Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:00 pm

I like the idea that an attack should do some morale damage, even if it misses. I know if I am on the battlefield and a bullet flies right by my head, I'm not likely to pretend it never happened; I'm going to frickin duck. affraid
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