Getting a few ideas down...

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Getting a few ideas down...

Post by S W Dickson on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:17 am

Okay, games system is looking pretty much "underway". I figured I'd flesh out my ideas for "Campaign Packs" a bit more using the core rules being developed. Mainly so that we can say when the rules are published, they can have at least one actual full game to play with them!

Anyways, here's my ideas (all working titles and based in x worlds) -

1. Paradigm - A series of dungeon crawling type campaigns - a handful of heroes battling through the denizens of the dark places to retrieve an artefact of great power/imprisoned wizard/stop evil sorcerer. Using pretty much just the rules for Single Models, with relatively high powered heroes and low powered baddies, a two or more player game of fun and adventure. Extra rules would include - rules for opening/closing doorways, finding and disabling traps/hidden objects etc. Major extra work may include publishing printable "maps", example dungeon "tiles" and "furniture", Character sheets. Think RPG without the cloaks and GMs. Could also be used as basis for larger scale (54mm?) games, and other genres (I'm thinking spaceships and victorian hijinks on the streets of london)

2. Earthshock Post Apocalyptic Battles - probably the simplest idea that I've turned into a major design effort. A near future squad and hero based campaign set in the badlands of the post apocalyptic future. Vehicles are rare but varied, tribes and squads of archetypal postapoc warriors with many scenarios to set the scene. On a guerrilla warfare type scale, with about two dozen models either side in a standard game, with possibly the addition of random "beastie" encounters that will break up the total annihilation aspect. Campaign will be based on resources gathered as per mission/scenario rules, with minor upgrades/healing/reinforcements to characters and squads able to be bought at settlements between games. Models are "knocked out" rather than killed. Again, different worlds may use similar system with little effort.

3. Terra Obscura Battles - Many and varied fantasy races vie for supremacy on the battlefield of Terra Obscura, a land imbued with Magick and technology. Steam, Gunpowder and early rare combustion type engines. Heavy Iron work. Think classic fantasy with better guns! Anything from ancient regimental formations (formal armies) to skirmishing squads (barbaric armies) - includes all the classic archetypes, and a few unique ones. No mythical beastie would be without a home here - some have a different interpretation, though will probably fight as you would expect. Anything from a couple of dozen models per side, to over a thousand! Single battle based battles, no real "campaign" to speak of, though perhaps an "honour points" system could be used for those wishing to map out their games and give some units a bonus for going the extra mile.

4. Terra Obscura Massive - Just a brief concept of how I see this system working. Using 10mm/15mm but the same rules for movement etc. Massive is a small scale but huge battle system - for when space is at the premium. Heroes do little but create order in the chaos, and can use Hero Power for different things, such as adding extra movement for a mighty charge of an entire flank of the battle...


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