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I am what I am!

Post by S W Dickson on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:47 pm

Okay, the question is - what are you when you game? Even at the most lowly ten-twenty model game, or a full 10mm grandiose affair - do you see yourself on that battlefield directing stuff from the lines (ala napoleonic) or even as your galavanting hero on horseback that does all the maiming, or are you the King in his palace playing a game of chess, a fleet admiral responding to battle reports coming in etc.

Do you wanna be in charge of an army or in charge of a squad?

The big push, or Kellys Heroes?

I think that's an important distinction to make for designing the game - the best games I feel involve you in the battle, make you feel connected to the guys you're moving. Even with larger forces you connect with two or three of your models as your "avatars" - the ones you get upset about dying (sorry - wounded!)


You can't command a guy to do something heroic, but if you "are" him, you can damn well make him.

(Thinking of individual heroics from your chosen few rather than army specifics)


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