In progress... (Jan 2012)

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In progress... (Jan 2012)

Post by S W Dickson on Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:20 pm

Yep, I'm not giving up on this old chestnut, but may indeed do some stuff that is not under the remit of "Here be dragons". I'm not changing the overall feel and concept. It's just another run at the wall, if you will.

Anyway, to breach this wall, I've gone and started an unnecessary lick of paint on the forum, and will be updating that when necessary for my own likes. I am also gonna be working a lot less "stream of consciousness" like and more "testable output". As it's myself pretty much myse f talking to me these days, it makes more sense that way, and if and when people come in, they can see the most current updates will be actual links to PDFs and other such fun downloadable goodies.

I've started on the "style" manual proper, as I have a few simple games to get down and need to finish them up.

So, enjoy the new fresh look, and feedback as always is welcome, if not listened to...


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