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Generic Fantasy

Post by S W Dickson on Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:09 pm

I know, we just have to do some fantasy stuff based on "what people know" - which is, letting people use their toy soldiers that they have in a way that is familiar and appealing to them. No problems at all.

So, we need a "generic" fantasy background to arguably put ALL the commonly seen races and armies with which to fight with. This would make everything seem a tad more relevant to people that don't want to delve into new lands, and let them use their chosen background with a classy set of rules to go with them. These may lack somewhat on flavour compared to their usual ones - as many rules contain very interesting uses of named items with very special rules, however, my plans to cater for such items are to make sure that balance and simplicity is there without sacrificing the thought of "cool" weapons/monsters etc.

Every race, and arguably every army, will have a set of unique skills available to them - be they simple generic racial traits (such a dwarven courage, eleven speed, goblinoid numbers etc.) to specific force training skills (The same unit could be distinct through better archery, morale or a unique item)

The idea that we "force" into anyone to buy specific models is not to be entertained. Every unit and army should be balanced with a specific game value. Not to say that each unit will be capable on its own and without appropriate support - but that every army, in a points match, should have equally god and bad points, but also rewarding well played tactical troop choices, without making "loopholes" - e.g. a battery of cannon should be able to devastate cavalry from distance, however once closed they are ultimately vulnerable.

I digress, the need to lay down specific archetypes and pardigms within each force is essential for us to continue, and I will begin by naming the appropriate forces required and any "offshoots" and "specialities" I can identify. As this is for mass-market fantasy, it will be based on the late medieval/early blackpowder archetype with the inclusion of as many fantastical beasts as possible.

Lands of Men - Artillery, Hunters, Knights, Barbarians (germanic, roman, nordic, etc archetypes)
Elves - High Elf, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Sea Elf
Dwarfs - Nordic, Engineers, Miners, Evil
Orcs - Tribal
Goblins - Horde, Sneaky
Undead - Egyptian Mummys, European Vampires, Zombie/Necromantic, Spirit
Lizard people - Dinosaur like
Beasts - Centaurs, Satyrs, Minotaurs and other furry things, much the same as Orcs in practice
Dark worshippers - From all the previous, with many "evil" ways of doing things, demons, mutants
Golems - mechanical beasts from a bygone age.
Trolls, Ogres, Giants, Cyclops etc. - Huge beasties
Dragons - and Drakes, Wyverns and other flying (and non flying) mythical creatures.
Elementals - naturally occurring things - Dryads, Nymphs, Storm Giants and stuff
Gnomes/halflings - as far as i can tell, there is little to distinguish between these guys, except halflings ain't normally as ugly as Gnomes.

So, any I've missed? And what's the most essential first two races?


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