A Seraphs memory...

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A Seraphs memory...

Post by S W Dickson on Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:13 pm

It was getting late. The suns had already begun to sink behind the distant rim, and the colours of the forest were fading to blues. A clumpy fog had started to cling to the hollows, and the air was getting chill.

“Have you done your studies for tomorrow?” asked the boy, sternly.
“You know i haven't” giggled the girl.

They had spent the best part of the afternoon in the forest, exploring the caves, building treenests, and playing at Shades and Centaurs. Ember was always playing these kinds of games with Trevere, but she was gradually seeing him in a new light. Being 15 summers old, his physique was turning from scrawny boy to elegant and strong man by the day, his downy fuzz giving way to sleek ebony feathers. She found it hard not to kiss him at times. When he scolded her for not being serious enough about her studies, when she caught him staring at her as she busied herself in her constructions, or as their bodies were brought together with a crash as they collided after swinging and leaping from branch to branch.

Just a quick, well, excerpt, of a story I began a couple of years ago and got caught up in developing another plotline and got bored. Forgot about it totally. It isn't going to delve into weird erotica, that's as far as that went. Ember is a messenger amongst the Seraph peoples, soaring on the vents inbetween the sky islands of her home. It is a dangerous task, as the underisles are home to the shadekin, who like nothing more than tearing unwary seraphs limb from limb.
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