Infernus Astrum - Background development

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Infernus Astrum - Background development

Post by S W Dickson on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:39 pm

The concept of Infernus Astrum is primarilly "Space Opera" - that is, a huge galaxy spanning story with many and varied participants. There will be many canon pieces of background, but the primary overarching is that Earth was enslaved by an alien race, scattered amongst the stars as slaves, and have established their own colonies in far flung areas if (that particular group) they managed to overthrow their masters.

Many human empires exist - a galaxy full of them. Some are working towards the common goal of resting Earth from the hands of alien tyrrany, others content in their own insular empires, others attempting expansionist ideals, others purely existing as piratical warbands.

That is not to speak of Alien species - again, there will be those in line with human cultures, and some will operate within the same bounds of culture, though some are hostile enslaver species, and others simply too alien to make any form of peaceful contact. Many and varied, successful and dying - in a galaxy there are millions of possibilities.

This is all to say that in Infernus Astrum - all is allowed. If your conflict takes place over two dozen star systems and a hundred years, it would be okay. Technologies will differ, and whilst some races will fight raging space battles upon mighty vessels, others will coast by in deep sleep to each destination.

My primary goal at present is to flesh out the race of alien interlopers that have taken earth, and the time periods involved in the dispersion and subsequent re-organisation of the human race so that we know exactly where and what is at stake.

Comments, and suggestions for bad baddies welcome. But hopefully baddies that can rock and be quite cool to play as. Something that doesn't understand the human psyche or predeliction for staying on earth - something that doesn't see us as anything more than useful pets.


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